Bas Nuijten

Director Consulting
Bas Nuijten
Publ. date 7 Apr 2015

Sustainability professional aiming to help organizations to continuously improve their sustainability strategies.

'During my master International Management, I became truly aware of the influence of corporate social responsibility on business environments, as well as on society. This made me realize that this topic is an essential point for discussion on companies’ agendas. After finishing up my thesis, related to CSR and sustainability, I wanted to continue in this field, since I believe that everyone can (or should) play a role in it.'

My background:
  • Master at Tilburg University | International Management
  • Bachelor Graduation Internship at Northstar Chemical Inc. in Sherwood, USA | Operations
  • Bachelor of Science at Western Carolina University, USA | International Business
  • Internship at Azelis España in Cornellá de Llobregat, Spain | Finance.
  • Bachelor at Avans Breda | International Business and Management Studies

You can call me for:
To find answers to the questions: Who is affected by our business and what has an impact on my business? + assessments for materiality matrices and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index questionnaire.

Colleagues would describe me as:
Result-driven, social, and precise.

Which book should everybody read?
The Solution Revolution, by William D. Eggers & Paul Macmillan. I started reading this book a while ago and it got my attention because it describes the current state of the economy we are in now. This book shows me that societal problems are not to be solved by governments only. Businesses play a major role in this as well. By means of shared value creation you, as a company, try to enlarge the pie for everyone, thereby, increasing your piece of the pie as well. I believe that this book helps you to understand the current economic and societal situation. 

Best advice I ever got
If you get the chance to study or work in an international environment,  just do it!

Something surprising about me
I am a big motorsports (road-race) fan. I always try to visit multiple race weekends per year

    What I do in my spare time
    • Motorsports & Soccer
    • Traveling
    • Dinner and drinks with friends & familiy

    Get in touch:

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