Andrea Marincola

Team Lead
Andrea Marincola
Publ. date 2 Feb 2022

Expert and passionate about ESG issues with the aim of helping companies on their path towards sustainability. |

Caring for nature and its resources is part of me even before my studies, having been taught by my parents. Switching off the light; not wasting water; eating natural and local products; putting waste in the appropriate bins: flashes of sustainability instilled in me as a child which have remained until today and have evolved into greater awareness and activism on my part.

Through my studies I have been able to nurture this input and then turn it into my work, now supporting businesses in approaching the myriad of ever-developing sustainability-related activities. Thanks to Finch & Beak, I have the opportunity to help international firms make a difference on these issues and become a benchmark in sustainability for new emerging companies, as my parents were for me.

My background:

  • Climate change and sustainability consultant at EY - Milan
  • Master's degree in Environment and Development Economics at Università degli studi di Roma Tre - Rome
  • Bachelor's degree in Political Economics at La sapienza – Rome

Colleagues would describe me as:
Sensitive, polite and supportive

Which book should everybody read:
The Lord of the Rings saga - a masterpiece recognised worldwide, in which topical themes such as respect for nature and cooperation between all peoples are portrayed in a magical world. 

Best advice I ever got:
“With great power comes great responsibility”

Something surprising about me:
I used to play in a progressive rock band

What I do for fun:

  • Playing basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, padel, ping pong and all the beach sports
  • Playing piano, guitar and singing
  • Dancing at parties

Get in touch:

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