Introducing the Impact Leaders Network

A Year-Long Program of ESG Roundtables, Leadership Talks, and Expert Training, Connecting Global Business Leaders in the Pursuit of Corporate Sustainability
Introducing the Impact Leaders Network
Publ. date 20 Jul 2023
Welcome to the Impact Leaders Network (ILN) - an exclusive community of ambitious and impact-driven individuals working in global companies. Launched by Finch & Beak (SLR), in partnership with InTent, ILN offers a year-long program designed to connect, educate, and empower forward-looking members through a series of high-impact events including ESG roundtables, C-level talks, business school lectures, and leadership development experiences.

ILN’s year-long journey begins with an ESG Leadership Development Expedition in Arles, France in presence of business leaders. The journey continues with twice-yearly online discussions on the latest regulations, intimate roundtables with industry leaders in Davos during the World Economic Forum, and an ESG expert training in Amsterdam. Throughout the year, members are also given access to award-winning academic lectures with business school professors on the latest sustainability trends, research, and frameworks.

Our mission? To strengthen expertise in core ESG topics, understand the latest trends and their implications for your company, expand your network and visibility, and help you reflect on your role as an Impact Leader.

The program is enriched by the support of prominent business figures who will share their experiences and insights with the ILN community. Notable supporters include André Hoffmann, Vice Chairman of Roche Holding AG & Board of Trustees at the World Economic Forum; Julia Binder, Director at the IMD Center of Sustainable and Inclusive Business; Hannah Jones, CEO of The Earthshot Prize & former CSO of Nike; and Marco Lambertini, former Director General of WWF International. Four more supporters will be announced late August.

For companies, it is your opportunity to keep your team updated on the latest regulations, to represent your company in a network of high-potential sustainability leaders, to gain access to SLR’s expertise and InTent's network, and to contribute to the development of your top talent.

To learn more about the ILN, its schedule and supporters, download our slides attached to this article. Join us to be at the forefront of ESG leadership and drive change in your organization and beyond. Act today; enroll your team in ILN – the Impact Leaders Network with an annual program fee of €4,500. We strive to limit the 2023-2024 cohort to 35 participants maximum.

Your journey towards becoming an Impact Leader starts here.

If you would like to learn more about the Impact Leaders Network, you may get in touch with Nicolas de Toledo via

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8 years entrepreneurial experience in China and Europe fostering change within organizations. I am passionate about sustainability and education. Since 2021, I focus on integrating sustainability in company boards’ agendas.

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